Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts
Chris Bogia, Meditation on a Jonathan Adler Pillow
Catherine Lan, Little Red Riding Hood, 2010
Julie Phillips, Veil Aqua, Blue and Red
Kathleen Cullen

Current Exhibition:

Summer Hours: Mon - Fri 11-6

Styleheads / Ornamentalschmentalism / Exoticaschmatica


Who's Afriad of Pattern and Decoration?

526 W. 26th Street Suite #605 New York, NY 10001

Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts is pleased to announce the group exhibition “Who’s Afraid of Pattern and Decoration?” running from July 1 through August 11.

“In fact, while Pattern and Decoration has often been seen as a rebellion against the austere rigors of late modernism, a way of reclaiming simpler and more spontaneous pleasures, the patterning impulse can just as easily be seen as proceeding from one of the bases of modernist esthetics.” - Barry Schwabsky, New York Times

Chris Bogia – Meditation on Johnathan Adler Pillow

The sculptures themselves are assemblages of intricate hand-made yarn renderings, found furnishings and decorative objects, constructed furniture, and ephemera.  I curate the objects into a sort of shrine or alter in the vernacular of interior design (trends ranging from the 1950s to the present).  The hand-made yarn renderings are the focal point, with the other materials acting in concert to conjure an abstracted, "fictional interior space" - suggesting a more general narrative about the belongings present, and the people who live with them.

The Photos reflect a more personal narrative, usually depicting myself - sometimes with a model, performing an action within the space of each sculpture. The actions depicted are often aestheticized interpretations of the kinds of rituals associated with gay sex.  The poses reference classical forms of devotion, traditional gay sex (poppers, enemas etc), intuitive movement, and camp.


Catherine Lan – Little Red Riding Hood 2010

I utilize fashion elements to explore themes of female identity. I use collage and assemblage techniques to create Baroque-style structure of folded fabric that deconstruct the pop mythos of classical narrative characters.


Julie Phillips – Veil Aqua, Blue, and Red

My paintings are “elegant remnants” which evoke a sense of old world beauty and of something that has witnessed the passing of time. My technique creates a contradiction that is both historical and contemporary in the overall effect.